• Elywaby

Tiny, the visual storyteller

Dernière mise à jour : 11 oct. 2020

Tiny. Tiny is a limitless creative fully immersed in her art which touches my sensitivity with softness and elegance.

The materials she uses to combine her visual stories are recycled so her passion for colours and shapes is in complete harmony with the environment ; taking care of our beautiful world through ecology and creativity make me fall in love with the Tiny's work. She offers either abstracts or representational pieces, for us to observe reality through a sparkling point of view : i can feel a lot of joy and pleasure in Tiny's artworks. Telling stories is like a second nature for this surprising and innovative artist who brings us into her colorful and gentle visions. Through her paintings and collages, she calms our entire being to restore and dream in light and positive landscapes.

Adding paper on a canva with thoughtfulness and coherence inspire me deeply to re-create our own colour scheme with emotions and intentions. Tiny is able to