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Lora, the subtle embodiement of divine energy - Rnr Creative

Dernière mise à jour : 11 oct. 2020

Lora. Lora is a powerful designer devoted to share wisdom and light through artistic collaborations and conscious work.

The very first source of inspiration that comes to my mind every single day is the intense posts this divine being shares online. She offers to dive deep into ancient knowledge through modern tools so we can build a balance in bewteen the various parts of ourselves, as artists, as practitionners, as beings. Awareness is a main word in her development as she has the fabulous intension to combine visual medias and traditionnal philosophies to guide, help, inspire, brands and soul-trepreneurs to promote and illustrate their projects. The emptiness is full of light, so Lora can stimulate our energy to raise our vibration with patience, creativity and consciousness.

The style she explores is inclusive and inspired by raw materials, imperfection, softness and the wonderful elements our mother earth is able to provide. Coherence, sustainability and mutual empowerement through collective projects are part of what you can expect when discovering her world ॐ

You can find more about this gorgeous woman on her website : https://www.rnrcreative.co/