• Elywaby

Honey, the lightful woman

Honey is a brilliant and abundant channel dedicating her light to empowering other women in the global community. She is a mentor, a support and inspiration for many beings willing to shine, to radiate, to affirm their own inner power in this turbulent world.

Honey shares high quality content and offers online mentoring programs, circles and courses for everyone needing guidance and clear tools to build a healthy and wise lifestyle. Through recpies, ayuverda and acient wisdom, yogic philosphy, meditation and so much more, she educates women to shine from their authentic and open heart,

to connect with their cycles and the natural waves of Life.

If you are seeking deep and nurturing ways to connect with your power, to express freely and limitlessly your talents with the World, Honey is the go-to woman ! She has created a beautiful Instagram community at @seed_of_self so you can grow with her and process with ease all the extraordinary offerings she provides!

Learn more about this radiant being on her website : https://www.seedofself.com/

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