• Elywaby

Emotions fueling our creativity

What if we could see these waves of tasteful messages like nourishment for our creativity ? Imagine that through anger you can create a new paradigm in which all Humans and beings would be equals and at peace ; This is a creative act. Imagine that though sadness you become aware that a situation is unhealthy and start building a new relationship with your self or someone else ; This is a creative act. Imagine that the heavy sensations of opression, frustration or fear could invite you to get rid of unnecessary patterns, ideas, behaviours that are not serving you anymore ; this is being creative.

Being creative, to me, is a daily practice of opening ourselves enough while being grounded so we can receive the detailed information from the outside, compare them with our current feelings and act, change, grow, return, shape the situation to feel at ease and aligned with the movement.

Having emotions is creative by essence. Having the ability to be influenced by external events and re-act based on your values, trauma, visions and needs is a creative process by essence. Being alive is creative. And your emotions HELP YOU building your own maproad to travel these times aligning with your truth : what resonates with you ?