• Elywaby

Emotions as guides

I feel something new is growing within my chest as i start writing these lines.

Without trying to achive anything, i just feel called to launch this new category on my website, a blog, to express and share my truth.

Truth, changing, expanding and never stuck.

Je sens que quelques chose grandit à l'intérieur de moi en commençant ces quelques lignes. Je ne cherche pas à atteindre quoi que ce soit ici, je sens juste l'appel de lancer cette nouvelle catégorie sur mon site : un blog, pour m'exprimer et partager ma vérité.

Une vérité qui change, qui évolue et n'est jamais figée.

Autumn arrived very suddenly in France which has been impacting my emotions as it may have had for you as well.

These sparkling waves of feelings have often been source of shame and discomfort for me as i have been taught for years to hide them and never learn from them.

L'automne s'est installé assez brusquement en France ce qui a impacté mes émotions, comme ça a pu le faire pour toi aussi.

Ces vagues de sensations ont longtemps été source de honte et d'inconfort pour moi puisque j'ai appris à les cacher pendant des années plutôt que d'apprendre d'elles.

I now believe everything has its purpose in life. So do have emotions. Learning to unlearn past collected beliefs, i create a new relationship with my emotions. Thanking them for coming my way and making change possible. Because yes, anger, sadness and frustration are fuelling my projects : why would i be angry if everything was aligned in my life ? Why would i feel frustrated if i receive what i feel right for me to receive ?