Cultivate energy │Cultiver l'énergie

With each inhalation, inviting a bright light to warm your body up,

With each exhalation, diffusing this light throughout your cells.

Inhaling, the light gets brighter and brighter,

Exhaling, diffusing the light throughout your entire body.

It feels marvellous for me to practice breathing and visualisation techniques in the morning ; I feel that I am gifting myself with a nurturing and expanding practice that helps me focus and stabilise my energy for the rest of the day.

As a very creative person, I can sometimes feel an urge, a stress, a hury in my chest like if I had to do everything I want in a second. The illusion of time creates a tension within.

To cultivate energy by breathing and visualising this light inside my body guides me back to calmness, back to gratitude for this creative force and intention I am driven by.

Try it out! And tell me how it works for you ☀️