• Elywaby

Claire, Living Ayuvreda

Claire. Claire is a timeless source of inspiration to me, either I want to expand my creativity through some delicious and healthy recipes or i just want to receive light and peace from her beautifully curated feed, I feel very welcome in her universe. Gorged in light and wisdom, her journey is a example of what it means to succeed : living in alignement with our purpose in life (Dharma), our words and actions : sharing ancient wisdom for the modern world.

Running peaceful and nourishing retreats called Vidya Living, sharing practical and very deep content on her blog to improve our wellbeing in the daily life, guiding people through one-to-one programs and now offering a great book to Live Ayuvreda! (order here).

With Claire, I feel to deepen the clarity of my own self to nurture the parts of me who need presence. Shining from a place of love and fullness. Claire is here to empower women to reconnect with their inner vision using breath, movement, Yoga and Ayuvreda. Holistic, caring and transformative.