Brooke, the wabisabi artist

The depth of my soul is touched entirely when I dive into Brooke's vision of Art and Life. Brooke is a multi-media artist emphasising the meditative aspect of creating : "Art is meditation, Art is letting go...". The amazing way Brooke is associating spirituality, divine openeness, shadows and raw materials is very unique and nurturing.

Her elegance is inate as she creates inspiring art pieces connecting our beings to the essence of Life : cycles of Nature and present moment. Thanks to Brooke's work, I feel to reconcile shape and meaning. Her creations are full of wisdom, poetric and rooted into her intention to co-create with the Universe, with Nature. Through her raw, inspiring and touching art pieces, Brookes invites us to be fully present in the now. Creating space for opening our senses and receiving the beauty of what the moment has to offer. She is a guide, a intuitive creative who sees divine expression within each leaf, each breeze and finds relief following the river’s rhythm.

Slow down with Brooke. An extraordinary talented artist. Rest your soul, rest your physical body, rest your mind, you are here, where you are supposed to be. Art is anywhere but everywhere.