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"Dive within program"

Needing clarity and calmness in your daily life ?

Tired of repeating the same unproductive patterns while dreaming of shining your light ? 

Feeling scared but ready to go ahead and reprogram your subconscious mind ? 

This meditation program is made for YOU 

Growing up with a lot of anxiety and lacking confidence, i used to believe that


I thought I needed to fix something about myself as the scholar system was not filling my desires to explore and understand Humanness and Life. 

This whole destructive process stoped when i discovered Yoga and meditation.


Offering my mind a break every single day even for a couple of minutes

is essential to me as it helps clearing my visions, letting of external expectations and focusing on my own health and growth. 

This is exactly what I offer you on this complete program ! 

What is excatly this program about ?

7 days 

2 meditations per day 

An intention to reprogramm and initiate your new Life !

I have been creating 14 original, deep, transformative and nourishing meditations for you to ritualize your week and make concrete changes.

Studying psychology, neurosciences, breathing technics, cardiac coherence, meditation and experiencing many troubles myself, i designed this program to cleanse everything that blocks you from shining your talent. 

Each day, we will explore a theme before going to sleep that we will re-explore on the next morning so we deepen the work together.

You brain, your subconscious mind will feel okay to let go

because YOU take the time to write new information for him to grow with ease. 

A week to Dive within and build solid, mindful foundations to be totally independant

in your meditation practice and your daily choices. 

Act from a place of Love.

Release fears, blocks and own your shadows. 

Yes, you can. 

And, you know, I feel, you.

There are tones of offerings online and it can confusing to know which one to pick... 

I have been there! 

This program is not for everyone.

This program is for you.

You, who have been struggling all these heavy years seeking for haPpiness, truth and light

out of yourself! for you who still aren't sure about your power and find all these concepts so far from your core even though you want to trust and grow... 


Something is holding you back. I know. 

I am here for you. 

Solutions are here for you. 

You are here for yourself. 

This is the moment to shine! This is challenging, intense and scary, I know. 

It sometimes feels easier to stay where you are now...

But, if you are on this page, this means you are ready. 

Ready to really be trustful on yourself, to don't give a sh** anymore about past mistakes, programing and expectations.. 

You are ready for YOUR life. 


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