Welcome to my blog

Here is my own journey to "be the change" by building a community around ethical values and tolerance, sharing interviews of inspiring people all over the world. 

Learning, day after day, to integrate the yoga philosophy in my daily life,   I write about holistic wellness, feelings, challenges and lifestyle to improve my peacefulness and let my creativity grow! 

In love with (inner) travel, photography, poetry, psychology, body and love, I share with you all that makes me feel alive through those following interviews to support projects and intentions of engaged people who help to change the world. 

Ethical fashion brands, yoga teacher, innovating and alternative places, causes, artists... Discover my tribe ! 


Ely acknowledges the traditional custodians,

the limitless abundance of Mother Earth

and her rights.


All elements are One.

All beings are connected.

We are, united. 


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